Play the new ‘Overwatch’ battle healer hero Brigitte today

I will prove myself! Play Brigitte now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Learn more @ — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) March 20, 2018 Brigitte is a support character blending offensive and defensive abilities. Her healing boosts are similar to her father Torbjörn’s armor packs and a shield like Reinhardt’s with a charge-stun and [...]

Facebook has lost $60 billion in value

Facebook is having a bad day… for the second day in a row. Following the Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) are currently trading at $164.07, down 4.9 percent compared to yesterday’s closing price of $172.56. More importantly, if you look at Monday and Tuesday combined, Facebook shares are down 11.4 percent compared to Friday’s [...]

Jeff Bezos takes robotic dog for a walk

Leave it to Jeff Bezos to put his own spin on a mundane task like walking a dog. The Amazon (AMZN) CEO posted a picture of himself walking next to a robotic canine built by robotics firm Boston Dynamics. "Taking my new dog for a walk at the #MARS2018 conference," Bezos tweeted. Amazon's … social experiment [...]